Welcome to the second wave week!

The most electrifying week of the energy market.

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    During the week of November 9th to 13th, 2W Energia will host the first edition of the Second Wave Week (Semana Second Wave). There will be a total of 12 Webinars with some of the most relevant specialists in the energy market in Brazil.

    The transmission will be streamed at our Youtube channel.

    It will be 5 days covering: Future, technology, innovation, freedom and sustainability.

    Watch the official trailer for the event!


    Adalberto Maluf

    Former Director of Marketing and New Businesses at BYD.

    Dario Neto

    General Manager at “Capitalismo Consciente” Institute.

    Élbia Melo

    Director of Marketing at CCEE and New Businesses at BYD.

    Eloir Pagnan

    Critical Power Weg Automation.

    Iara Cardoso

    CEO at Storm Group.

    Luiz Augusto Barroso

    President-Direct at PSR.

    Renata Abreu

    CEO and Founder at NRG Hub.

    Ricardo Grassmann

    CEO at Way2 Technology.

    Rui Altieri

    President of the Administrative Council at CCEE.

    Thiago Barral

    President at EPE.

    Paulo Henrique Squariz

    Executive Energy Manager at Suzano.

    Helton Mendes

    Superintendent at BNB.

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